Nor’West 33

Brio, our new-to-us boat, is a 1981 Nor’West 33. Not the best-known boat, but a wonderful one nonetheless!! She was designed by Chuck Burns, built in California, and has had 2 previous owners (we are the 3rd). She has already … Continue reading

Dear Leah

Dear Leah of the future, Stop. Stop what you are doing entirely. Are you sitting still? Sit still. Good — Now Listen. Every moment is precious, passing, and fleeting. Give up the petty, the worries, the lack, the stress. Stop … Continue reading

Dream of the Day?

I want to be on a sailboat. A flipping gorgeous sailboat. I want to be taking that sailboat on all sorts of adventures — but I want to be in North America enough that I can afford those adventures, visit the … Continue reading

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