(Not that life is ever without hiccups!)

Hiccup #1: We ran out of water. Couldn't figure out how we possibly drank/used 60 gallons of water in a little over 10 days... until we discovered a nice leak from one of our water tanks. Thank goodness this little hacienda / shack on the beach sold water, and was able to top up our "emergency liquids" so we could continue on happily!!!


Hiccup #2: The toilet broke. I have a pretty understanding boyfriend, but when I pulled out the bucket... let's just say he wasn't too excited 🙂 Toilet jobs fall in the Leah-category, so while we enjoyed the newly-found paradise all around us, we also rebuilt the head. Leaking pumps, backed up discharge hoses, non-functioning joker valves, these are all details you should be happy you don't have to know about!!! 🙂 And the toilet is functioning again!

A quick update from the last week :)

The sun setting as we sail across the Sea of Cortez, towards Baja. Our crossing was relatively uneventful; lumpy seas made for an unhappy partner (but he managed to cook me dinner before it got too rough!!), and some random lightning storms kept us alert through the night, but nothing was sweeter than sunrise the next morning, coming up over a new part of Mexico


This beautiful bay was what was awaiting us on the other side... after over a month in San Carlos, we were *so* excited to find the sandy beaches and clear waters we'd been dreaming of!!!


A view from the top of the hill of one of our anchorages -- Brio is the boat on the left, anchored peacefully in "San Juanico"


We've been making the most of the weather and scenery; swimming, snorkelling, hiking, exploring, hanging out in the hammock on deck... life is good!!


AND, to top off a perfect week -- we've caught 3 gorgeous tunas. I am a fiendish fish killer (note the winch handle in one hand and gaff in the other), but I leave the catching & cooking up to Jon 🙂 Only downside is the blood spatter all over everything!!!

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