Snapshots of Now

What does life look like right now? I think these sum it up quite well:

Spinnaker Disaster

The living room aka Leah's disaster area... backup asymettrical, hatch boards, windvane paddle... how will this fit in my suitcase??


My first attempt at a splice

Yesterday I did a dry-run of packing… good news is the windvane paddle (which dad has so generously agreed to long-term lend to me from Synchronicity… because Brio’s windvane doesn’t have a paddle, and the budget can’t afford $600 for a replacement. Turns out having parents with a sailboat is quite convenient!!) fits in my genormous suitcase. Bad news is the genormous suitcase is 1″ over the airline’s size limit, so I need to reduce it or fork over $190 bucks for ‘oversize luggage’. What a racket. Know what else is a racket? West Marine sail slugs. Did you know they want $12 for 4 sail slugs?? Ridiculous.

These are the things that are pre-occupying my life right now 🙂

Finding Vision

On this grey Thursday in Vancouver, I have a new vision card:

Some pictures stay the same (sailing, love, travelling, harmony); lots of others change… I’m trying to figure out a way to explain the baby-crazy, and I’m not sure that I can… it scares J (and my mother), amuses me (why now?? why am I so baby-crazy now of all times??) and doesn’t seem to go away.

Doesn’t matter — each of these pictures made my heart skip a little, and that’s what dreams are all about.

42 days to Brio. 42 days to Jonathan. 42 days to The Next Chapter.

PS — If you are looking for ways to *ahem* effectively & productively use your time while at work, definitely check out

Happy Dance Confessions

Yesterday I yelled with joy and did a happy dance in the middle of the living room. Why was I happy dancing? Literally jumping up and down and making loud shrieking noises that had both mom and the dog running to see who was dying? Dad had found the long-lost copy of Don Casey’s “This Old Boat”. I’d been looking for it for the last month. Now I can continue reading about how to use “several fat and honest friends” to calculate the appropriate gauge of rigging.

This madness continued today, when I got the email confirming that my $89 depthsounder is in the mail. I nearly spilled my coffee as I fist-pumped my enthusiasm to no one in particular.

Confession: I’ve completely lost the ability to moderate my boat excitement 🙂

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