Finding Vision

On this grey Thursday in Vancouver, I have a new vision card:

Some pictures stay the same (sailing, love, travelling, harmony); lots of others change… I’m trying to figure out a way to explain the baby-crazy, and I’m not sure that I can… it scares J (and my mother), amuses me (why now?? why am I so baby-crazy now of all times??) and doesn’t seem to go away.

Doesn’t matter — each of these pictures made my heart skip a little, and that’s what dreams are all about.

42 days to Brio. 42 days to Jonathan. 42 days to The Next Chapter.

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Happy Dance Confessions

Yesterday I yelled with joy and did a happy dance in the middle of the living room. Why was I happy dancing? Literally jumping up and down and making loud shrieking noises that had both mom and the dog running to see who was dying? Dad had found the long-lost copy of Don Casey’s “This Old Boat”. I’d been looking for it for the last month. Now I can continue reading about how to use “several fat and honest friends” to calculate the appropriate gauge of rigging.

This madness continued today, when I got the email confirming that my $89 depthsounder is in the mail. I nearly spilled my coffee as I fist-pumped my enthusiasm to no one in particular.

Confession: I’ve completely lost the ability to moderate my boat excitement 🙂

It’s all happening perfectly

My Favourite Feet

My Favourite Feet

I must remember this…

In the midst of making lists of the most assorted kind (copper tinned wire, forks, cordless hair straightener, pesos, the paddle from dad’s monitor windvane, etc etc etc) I get lost in arm-chair dreams of where we might go next year, worried about how I’ll find work next summer, caught in other people’s amazing adventures and blogs, and so patently not in the moment.

So hard to remember to live in the moment, to enjoy this, today, now, remember that “life’s what happens while you’re making other plans” (thanks John Lennon and dad for never letting me forget it), and try to stop counting down days (57) until I’m back with Jon and with Brio and really living the life.

Leah: This is life too. Remember that it’s all happening perfectly, and stop thinking about tomorrow or year five of the Eight Year Plan.

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