The heart of the matter

I stumbled on this poster by accident; after reading it through four times myself, I printed off 10 copies and distributed one to each of my colleagues. I just kept thinking “YES! YES! This is exactly it!”.

Inspiring Words to Live By

Inspiring words to live by -- The "Holstee Manifesto" (

It’s all possible

With Brio
I know I am many silly things — full of ideas and dreams, unrealistic, hopeful, trusting, sensitive, sometimes too easily dashed — but, while I concede there are disadvantages to these things, I sincerely hope that I can ‘protect’ this part of me from the cynicism of age and the maturing modern world, and manage to preserve these innocent happy little bits of me. Because of course the world will tell you it’s not possible if you ask them — but if you can blindly trust, stuff your ears with cotton & follow the sun’s shining path… everything is possible.

Dreams & Vision Cards

I thought I’d share a little piece of Leah-ness with you: Dreamcards.

I’ve been making these for the last two years (I’m going to try to dig up some older ones so you can see some of the ‘progression’ my dreams have taken!), but basically they’re a collection of images that represent my dreams.

Lots of books, articles, motivational speakers, etc talk about this concept; it’s nothing new. The amazing part though is how effective they have been in my life (dream cards + luck = a life that I am so blessed to have been given).

Anyways, here’s one from earlier this year:

Vision Card

2010 Vision: Complete with photo-shopped bank balances!

A few quirks:

  • A screen shot of an online Magic 8 Ball’ — I’m obsessed with the thing
  • That sailboat on the bottom left? She has quite a story.
    That sailboat is a Bristol 32; Jon & I actually bought a Bristol 32 (conditional to survey), which we ended up backing out of (she needed more TLC than I was ready to give). After that fell through, I found out that this *exact* boat was for sale, and we put an offer on her. Long story short, we ended up losing a bidding war and hence are not the owners of a Bristol 32 — but this story has a happy ending, as that experience ended up leading us toĀ our Nor’West 33.
  • I photo-shopped that bank balance ! šŸ™‚ At the time I made this vision card, I think I had about $6,000 saved, and no real idea how I was going to save enough to buy an entire boat, never mind go cruising on her. Nevertheless, a year later , we bought Brio for $26,500. (Sidenote: It seems to be taboo to mention how much you paid for your boat — but I personally *love* to read about how other people have made the finances work, so I’m not embarassed to share that we got a wonderful boat for a price that we could actually afford! If you’d like to read the full finance story, have a look at this post)
  • The photo on the bottom right is not mine — it’s Taru’s, pretty much the sexiest sailor girl I’ve ever come across. I absolutely devour her blog & photos, and when I came across this photo, I knew it had to be part of my next dream card… sailing, sunshine, reading & the love of your life — how much more perfect could it get?
  • True confession: The legs, and the dress girl, alas, are also not me. They’reĀ both TaruĀ (I wonder if she realises how much her photos have become part of my inspiration??)

I attribute a lot of the successes in my life to dream cards / visioning / goal setting / planning. Part of my ‘day-job’ is facilitating a monthly workshop on goal setting, and if you’ve ever attended, you know I get just *a little* passionate about the subject.


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