Synchronicity (1998 – 2002)

Because this really was the beginning of it all, the trip that gave me ‘the sailing bug’, the years of life that defined our family and the adventure of a lifetime… a few shots from four years of cruising (1998 – 2002). Mom, dad, Jess and I, aboard Synchronicity, our Fraser 41′ that mom & dad bought as a kit-boat, and dad built in our backyard from ’92-’95.

Circumnavigation Route

Circumnavigation Route

Synchronicity's Empty Hull

1995: Me in the empty hull of Synchronicity, prior to dad installing *anything*

Kruger Family

Kruger Family in Moorea (1999)

On watch underway to Australia (age 12)

Proudly showing off my handiwork (Courtesy flag for Tonga)
A Sri Lankan pole fisherman

Jess & I with our new friends in Oman

The glamorous cruising life...

Jess & I hanging out on the dodger with the "toe" of Italy in the background

Living the good life in the Maldives


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