Do we have plans?!?

Of course! Just in case you thought we’d been sucked into the working world (and wedding world!) and were never going to surface again… I’m here to say that while yes, we are definitely working (and planning our wedding!), we are also SO definitely getting ready to head back to Brio and start cruising round two 🙂

What will this winter hold?

Well that’s a good question… cruiser plans being ‘written in sand’ and all that… but the general gist is that we’re heading down to Brio in mid-November (post-wedding… can you tell what’s on the top of my list??), spending a few weeks in the work yard, and then heading south. We know we’re leaving Mexico, we know we’re aiming to end up in the Caribbean, but other than that we haven’t filled in the middle bits too much yet…

So if you have any advice / comments on those fantastically mysterious Central American countries (hate to admit that I definitely did not realise how many countries are in between Mexico and Panama! Guatemala, El Salvedor, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica… am I missing any?!?), send your advice our way!!

And in the meantime, allow me to share just a couple of the cool engagement shots our awesome wedding photographer took 🙂

Leah and Jon Engagement

...I'm not really allowed to post pictures of our over-the-top-matchingness 'Brio' sweatshirts... but I think they're so awesome that I'm willing to risk it 😉