Sabre 42 Centerboard Sailboat – Resources

As we get to know our new-to-us boat and her design, I thought it might be fun to keep a running page with links to other owners’ blogs, sites, and resources.

Sabre 42 Brochure (Sabre Yachts) brochure for the Sabre 42 — a wonderful piece of these boats’ history!
Rover’s Blog – Sabre 42 Design Elements write up by the Rover blog, who used to own a Sabre 42, with links to additional resources and videos on Sabre 42’s.
Sailboat Bliss Blog Bliss folks maintain a great blog with lots of details (including project pics and details – which I especially love!) and ongoing updates.

Have a Sabre 42 sailboat of your own? Interested in sharing your experiences? Drop us a comment so we can add your site!