Here’s where we are right now (note that you can click “Message” to send us a note while we’re underway or use this link to go directly to the map page: https://share.garmin.com/brio )

And here’s a little nostalgic look at where we’ve been:

Mexico to Panama to Florida to Maine: January to August 2014

Brio_Chiapas to Panama to Florida to Maine_Sailing-Route

From the moment we bought Brio we had the dream of sailing her to Maine… of transitting the Panama Canal, sailing the Caribbean, anchoring under the Statue of Liberty, and finally dropping the hook in Jon’s hometown. It was a lot of miles & a lot of memories 🙂

Coast of Mexico – San Carlos to Chiapas: Winter 2012 – 2013


Our second season of cruising on Brio we set out planning to sail to Panama… but we didn’t quite make it 🙂 A few boat projects and adventures later, we ended up leaving Brio in Marina Chiapas (Tapachula, Mexico) and coming back for her the next January.

Sea of Cortez: Winter 2011 – 2012

Our route through the Sea of Cortez in Winter 2011-2012

The red line is our route for Winter 2011-2012.

This was our first season of cruising aboard Brio, and we covered just over 1300 miles in six months. We bought the boat out of Marina Seca, just outside of Guaymas in San Carlos, and this is where we brought the boat back to in March. It can’t be beat for dry storage prices! ($136/month for our 33′).

You can read about our 2011-2012 adventures starting here.

Around Vancouver Island: June 2010

In June 2010 we spent a month taking my parents sailboat, Synchronicity, around Vancouver Island. We figured this would be a good test for us (do we really like each other??) as well as how much we actually liked sailing… guess you can figure out how that all turned out! 🙂

Despite 24 days of rain… we had a fantastic trip! Here are a few highlight pics from our trip around the island:

Around the World on Synchronicity: 1998 – 2002

Because this really was the beginning of it all, the trip that gave me ‘the sailing bug’, the years of my life that defined our family and the adventure of a lifetime… a few shots from 4 years of cruising.

My mom, dad, sister Jessica and I, aboard Synchronicity, our Fraser 41′ sailed around the world from 1998 to 2002. Jess and I were home-schooled during these years, and mom was our teacher. Synchronicity was bought as a kit-boat, and dad spent 3 years building her in our backyard from 1992-1995; they still own her, and she is currently moored in Vancouver, BC.


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  1. Hi, Found you searching for info on Nor west 33 !. I live in SF Bay Area and spend time in Penobscot Bay in summers. I’m looking at a Nor West and was impressed with your peregrinations! Thanks for the site.

    • Too funny, you’ve got the yin to our yang! Which Nor’West are you looking at? I have an owners list if you’re interested in any of the history etc… just let me know 🙂 We love keeping in touch with other owners!!

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