Vancouver > Phoenix > San Carlos

The compulsively-weighed luggage... pretty sure I weighed each piece ~45 times, only to have the airline lady say "any luggage over 50 pounds?" I said "nope", she said "great", and off we went. Brother!!


Disaster area ~ Trying to unpack the aforementioned luggage!!!


View from the dry storage @ Marina Seca ~ pretty darn nice!!


Phoenix wins the “paint-store-with-the-best-customer-service” award; having followed my carefully plotted & pre-printed bus route to get the ICI/Dulux store (where J had pre-ordered all the paint we needed for the boat), I discovered that actually there are six ICI stores in Phoenix… and this was not the one that had my paint!

Demonstrating super-star customer service, the manager called all the paint stores, tracked down my order, sent a guppie to pick it up AND deliver it to my hotel (the ever-so-lovely Econolodge, in the best part of town), and then drove me home!!

I was seriously impressed.

Luck held for the bus trip; me and my 4 bags made it on to the bus without any hassles (despite many signs stating “one bag weighing a maximum of 60 pounds per passenger”), through the border without any trouble (I pushed the red light / green light thingy… got a green light… and was sent on my way!), and then on to the boat without any issue (literally 4 of the guys at the work-yard came running to help me get the bags on to the boat… amazing!).

So for all the pre-trip stressing, it was an incredibly easy and wonderful trip, and now I am so so so SO happy to be onboard Brio!! I’ve been cleaning and organizing and sorting for the last two days… and have even found an internet connection for when we’re actually in the water! Happy-happy-happy!!!

SO impressed with my new "banda ancha movil" (aka mobile internet stick)


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