This was my Monday… How was yours??

First things first, I climb down the ladder and shake my head at the amount of work this bottom needs... see that little white spot in the middle? It all needs to look like that.


But then I walk around to the stern, and smile at the fresh slate waiting for the new name (I scraped off all of the old one with an expired credit card :P)


Head for the showers, avoiding any cucarachas on the floor...


Stop at the cabinet makers, where I pantomine "shelves" for a bit, then sit on that bucket for about an hour while I wait (I think??) for my shelves to be cut! The grand total for two shelves, custom cut, and the stringers to support them on is $4.50 CDN


Come back to the boat, try to mount the shelves, discover I need to go back to the school of "measure twice, cut once" (but I will make them work tomorrow); get a quote from the workyard to sandblast our bottom for us... for $650 USD (3 weeks worth of our budget, so that won't be happening); but discover that there's still half an onion and a potatoe so I have the ingredients for a meal I actually know how to make: fried onions and potatoes 😀 Notice the gorgeous sheen of sweat from the 7:30pm temperatures!! Or maybe from those potatoes...

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