Afloat Again! (in Brunswick, GA)

7.5 months later, we’re afloat once more!

Sabre 42 Sailboat - At anchor in Georgia

Well technically it’s been 11 months since Brio II has been in the water, but we spent the first while visiting family in Maine and BC so it doesn’t count quite the same way that those days of living on the hard do.

Making the most of the ENO hammock off the radar arch - living the best life on our Sabre 42 sailboat!

If you’re wondering, yes, living on the hard with a 2-year old and a full-time job and COVID precautions was absolutely hard.

The lack of a bathroom (I got really good with a she-wee and a jug, and Z can handle a porta-potty like no other toddler I know), carrying drinking water and groceries up a flight of stairs, juggling power cords to have power and try to keep AC’s running, the constant bugs and dirt that are everywhere (it seriously gets to you!!!), trying to make progress on boat projects any moment we could… it all kinda gets to you eventually.

Boat kid! Toddler peeking through the hatch on our Sabre 42 sailboat

The magical part though is that since it’s been two weeks of floating, that whole period is beginning to feel like a hazy dream 🙂 Like childbirth maybe? (Not really — I remember childbirth vividly and I don’t think I’ll forget some of the rougher days on the hard soon either!!).

Sabre 42 sailboat - at anchor in Georgia

We made a short little hop and have been enjoying the marina here in Brunswick, tidying up a few projects that didn’t make the “must-do-before-launch list” like installing the new radar/chartplotter, scrubbing boatyard grime off every surface of the boat, and remembering how to live on a boat that moves!

Next up is the going-north game. I have a few more weeks of full-time work, but once that’s done we’ll have much more flexibility to choose weather windows and move on our own pace, a change I think we are all equally excited about!

Boat kid and his mama in the boatyard

It may mean more meals of rice & beans, mind you, as giving up the corporate paycheque is always a tough one! But life is too short to say later, and plus we kinda like rice & beans 😉

At the Brunswick Landing Marina in Georgia

Anyways, that’s about it from the Brio Trio for now ~ thanks as always for following along with our little journey!



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