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  1. Leah I am really enjoying your blog and following your adventures. Sorry about the tear in the main. I log on, to your blog, about once a week and get tired just reading about the work you and John have accomplished. Ghost Dog is now back in the water looking all spic and span after similar work on hull as Brio. We also gave her a cut and polished and John polished all the stainless steel. She looks very nice. Until next time. Love Helen xx

  2. I agree with your Mom, Leah. “Your blog is the coolest. I am so very proud of you!” And this is your ‘other Mom’ now speaking, “BE CAREFUL… way up there at the top of the mast!” I check your blog fairly regularly and am simply blown away by all that you and Jon have accomplished. You guys rock – and so does your boat. The word ‘awesome’ doesn’t even come close!

    Hugs always, Kaireen

  3. Hey there Leah…I just found out you have this blog. I am so in love with the way you write. I can’t seem to find a way to follow this one and have your posts delivered to my inbox…is there something that I am missing or is that not an option you have set up? Let me know as I do not want to miss out on any more.

    Congratulations by the way…and BEAUTIFUL ring!

    I love seeing how well your life is turning out…although there are times I miss chasing little you, Jessica and Katelyn around:D


    • Hey Aaron!

      So nice to hear from you!! And thanks for the kind words — it’s a lot of fun to share our little stories, so it’s always nice to know that someone is actually reading them haha! I don’t have a button set up, but you can subscribe to the blog by going to and clicking on subscribe… good idea though, I might have to add a “Follow Us” button! And thanks for the congrats too — wedding planning is so much fun, I could do this forever 🙂

      Big hugs to you & your beautiful family!

  4. Hey Leah and Jon:
    Had a nice lunch with your Mom the other day, Leah, and I mentioned to her that my sister (from Victoria) and I are going to Bucerias, Mexico from March 27 – April 2. We’re staying at a 1 bedroom Villa just a block or two from the beach. Can’t wait!! Unfortunately, I suspect that you’ll have sailed past that area by then. But just in case you’re needing a reason to linger…well, would be great to see you!!
    Love your blog; love your writing; love that you both survived those terrible 4-days at sea.

    • That will be so much fun Kaireen! Bucerias is such a great little town. I think we’ll be further South by then, but then again you just never know!! Would be fantastic to meet up, so we’ll keep your dates in mind!!
      Big hugs,
      TBF (The Biggest Fan)

  5. Loved the Carnival photos. Nice to look at while snowed in.

    Homage to My Hips

    these hips are big hips
    they need space to
    move around in.
    they don’t fit into little
    pretty places, these hips
    are free hips.
    they don’t like to be held back.
    these hips have never been enslaved.
    they go where they want to go.
    they do what they want to do.
    these hips are mighty hips
    these hips are magic hips.
    i have known them
    to put a spell on a man and
    spin him like a top!

    – Lucille Clifton
    20th century USA

  6. Hmmm, I have faithfully read your blog since you started, don’t think I ever shared that with anyone. You guys make my day. You have become my inspiration to move upward in this life of ours. We all have our down days and god knows I know about that, but, I am learning that a positive attitude towards life, work and loved ones as you so eloquently put each and every blog post is what keeps us going. Don’t stop and who knows, we may just catch up with you somewhere on your journey. You are doing the stuff most of us dream about. Keep it up. Each “down” day is only the lead in to a spectacular up day. Love to you both, UJ

    • Thanks Uncle Jim — it means a lot to know that somebody is reading & following our adventures, especially on the days we’d happily trade it in for an RV!!

  7. Hej dear friends
    We will soon be coming after you! Reading about all your adventures make us so happy for you, and for knowing it is also our life. Life is too short to say later and winters suck!!!
    Eric leaves 5 June. Birgitta 5 July. Wow!
    Hey about the Mexican pilot you were talking about, can we lend it from you somehow? Or what is the name of it that we can perhaps buy it?
    When will you next be in Vancouver? Will we see you this summer?
    Love from Birgitta & Eric / Ariel IV

    • Hi guys! So nice to hear from you 🙂

      I will be in Vancouver when you arrive, and I will bring the cruising guide with me! It is primarily for the Sea of Cortez (inside of Baja) — but I think you will be going there, right? Or will you only be on “mainland” Mexico? Either way I will give you the guide! Let me know when you will come to visit us in Vancouver!!

      If you want to have a look at the guide, you can check out their website:

      Big hugs & love,


  8. Hej dearest young sailor friend Leah

    Very happy about the chance to see you this summer. We will work on the boat in Bellingham and reach Vancouver around July 15:th. Hope you are still there then?
    We will sail the sea of Cortez allright and all our sons are coming over for Christmas. Where are you for Christmas?
    Tell you lazy parents to plan the vaction for our sailing together … we´ve sent them suggestions for dates months ago
    We want to sail with Synchronicity again … regards to Brio also although we don´t know her.
    Swedish bearhugs Birgitta & Eric

    • Sounds great! I will be in Vancouver for the summer, so that should work out very well! Jon and I will be in Vancouver for Christmas — are any of the boys going to keep sailing with you? We’ll be back on our boat January 2014, which is now in Chiapas (very very bottom of Mexico). And I will be happy to sail Synchronicity when you guys are in the area, whether mom and dad are free or not!! 🙂

  9. Dear Leah and John,

    We are thrilled that soon you will be able to be together (As often as you’d like!) anywhere, especially the United States. We are enjoying the blog, Leah, your writing is funny and interesting. We wonder as you and John do, where Brio will take you next?

    Sending this email to wish you good luck on your interview. We are presently anchored behind Isla Venado (deer island), Mazatlan…soaking in the warm, magnificent morning sunlight, guzzling coffee, and watching frigate birds and boobies circle and hunt breakfast. The Shamaness is starting another cruising season and will be missing y’all as our cruising tracks aren’t likely to cross again soon. We’ll be staying in Mexican waters. Keep blogging and CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes.

    Calm seas and fair winds!
    Love, June and Dennis

    PS June traded the wrong soup/serving spoon with you last summer. The one we have is a lot nicer than the one we gave you. Another reason to think of you both when it appears in the silverware drawer or on the table (:-)

  10. wow…. just wow…. oh, and thank goodness you guys made it into shelter safe and sound…. now I know why we’re not on that great adventure of yours…. besides the boat is too small of course! Riley and Roberta can’t swim that well anyway. Crazy crossing, but glad you are both safe and somewhat sound. Now to get that boat fixed… love you both,

    Rob, Roberta and Riley.

  11. hey there you two sailors…. I have to tell you I am so much enjoying reading your blog and seeing where in the world is Brio…. and I have a lot or your magnificent pictures as my desktop and screensaver on my computer at work!!! I get lots of comments about, wow, great pictures, and then I get to tell your story! How fun.

    Safe sailing back to the US on your last big leg this trip. Good winds behind your back.

    Love you lots,


    • Awww thanks Unc!!! Your good winds wish worked too, as we’re now happily in Key West! Crazy. Hope to see you guys soon???

  12. Hey You Two,
    Great stuff! Kinda stumbled across this. Terrific photos, and it’s good knowing what you’re up to. I suspect you’ll remember me from Banderas Bay and the yard in San Carlos. Ichi Ban and I are spending the winter in Hawaii having sailed over last spring and spent the summer cruising the islands.
    Happy Holidays and best wishes to you and yours.

    • Happy holidays to you too John! Sorry I’m a little slow on comment replies!! Would love to hear more about cruising the Hawaiian islands and your plans for 2015?? 🙂 Best to you and Ichi Ban!!

  13. Hello Leah!, i find your blog very interesting. i see that you´ve been working on it for a while!. Really impressed with all the places you´ve visited. Thats enjoys life. Greetings from Sonora, Mx

  14. Hi Leah, I love your blog. I am working my way back from post 68 (now at 36). I Love the pictures and stories. At one time I was on the verge of buying a boat and sailing everywhere (motivated by bummfuzzle). But then I realized you guys are always working on your boats. I grew up on the coast (Oregon) so I know how hard salt water can be. Don’t get me wrong, I could do it all, I just decided I would rather be traveling. But, I love to read about other people living their dreams. And, I love your dream cards, etc. Some of your post really hit home. I loved the video about Plenitude. Thank you or sharing.

    • Thank you so much Dave! I couldn’t agree more about always fixing boats… if it’s not a labour of love it’s definitely not worth pursuing!! 😉 The Bumfuzzles are great inspiration to us as well (are you part of omentoring?) and are honestly one of the few families we can call “role models” for the kind of life we’d like to aspire to… Thanks for stopping by!! Leah 🙂

  15. Hi Leah, yes that is how I found your blog. I am the Dave at omentoring. And I, like you, am kind of new to the game, I like your questions and your way of looking at things. Doesn’t it gets a little frustrating at times, when you don’t understand why things happen. I like to understand things, and I think sometimes the information is just not there for us little people.

  16. Hello Leah, Kevin from Omentoring.
    We are spending some time anchored next to S/V Brio here in Port Townsend.
    They are a young couple with small children that have recently made the flying leap, and are seeing what a life of freedom is all about.
    Thought you might be interested!

    • That is awesome!!! I love hearing about other “Brios” that are out there, especially ones with cute kids and so many adventures ahead! Great blog too 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Hi Leah – Heather & Peter Paget of the classic ketch Harmonie II. Hope you remember us as we sailed together quite a bit from SE Asia all the way to Gibraltar. We sold H2 a couple of years ago to our next door neighbour who is a builder but more importantly, he’s a top woodworker. He is doing a complete restoration on her and she should look amazing in a couple more years. We went to the “dark side” and bought a 35′ trawler from another neighbour. No sailing, but we’re still out on the water. I’m writing to alert you that we passed your site on to sailing friends of ours who are presently in Castine, ME. They may show up in Portland sometime. The boat is a 44′ ferro cement ketch called Kantala and they are Michael & Sheila. Michael built the boat and they left Victoria in August, 1988. They’ve been taking the slow route and are still not heading back to BC anytime soon! They’re quite fun so say HI if you see them. Sorry we didn’t see you this summer. Cheers, Heather & Peter

    • Hey Heather! I definitely remember you guys!! We’ll definitely keep our eyes open for Kantala — we’re actually heading towards Castine area next week, so I’m sure we’ll cross paths somewhere and we will absolutely say hi 🙂 They ought to be easy to spot, between the ferro cement and the Canadian hailing port!! Glad to hear you guys are still on the water — we have a little tug as a neighbor in the marina here, and I keep telling Jon that’s our retirement boat 🙂

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