Dear Leah

Living in the moment
Dear Leah of the future,

Stop what you are doing entirely.
Are you sitting still?
Sit still.
Good — Now Listen.

Every moment is precious, passing, and fleeting.

Give up the petty, the worries, the lack, the stress.
Stop thinking about money, weight, fights, breakdowns, nasty comments or self-misery. Give up the pity party.

Leah? Embrace that you are ALIVE.

Overflow with wonder at this moment, this place you are in, this life you are living even as you are reading this.

Because Leah? This too shall pass. Time is a limited commodity, and it’s not a renewable resource.

Put your fears aside. Be full with gratitude. Smile. Laugh. Love. Dream. Hope. Build. Act.

Live with Brio.

As always,

Leah of Today

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