Diving & More Boat Projects


Diving at "Los Islotes" where the sea lions think it's good fun to chew on your flippers and snorkel as you swim by


Not just sea lions love it here though -- the ocean was literally full of all sorts of tropical fish


And a Leah! I did my open water course in Vancouver (with Sandra also) but I have to say diving here (without a drysuit and pyjamas underneath!) was even more fun than diving in Vancouver. This was a day excursion that Sandra and I did the very last day that she was here -- so much fun!

What was Jon up to while we were diving? Working on the boat of course! This is a picture of the cockpit, post-sanding but pre-varnish...


And this is after varnishing -- 6 of the 10 coats he wants to do. Seeing how amazing the wood looks has made me a convert -- I can't wait to varnish the rest of the wood outside!


Forgot that I had this picture -- this is installing the new batteries (which are amazing) in the quarterberth of the boat


*This* is not a fun boat project; this is a picture of the rudder shaft (where the rudder leaves the hull and goes into the water). And it's leaking. To get to this shaft you have to empty half the boat and crawl into a coffin-sized locker that is underneath the cockpit. I took a picture of Jon in there, but I am not allowed to post it (something about "unflattering angles" :P). The good news is that once Jon cranked down on the bolts, the leaking did subside a little -- bilge pump running only once a day (instead of every 30 minutes!!!).


Lastly, the fish tacos we've been living on in La Paz -- 10 pesos ($0.80) a piece and delicious, we're becoming regulars


Plus, you get your choice of hot sauces: "Lady Gaga" (mild), "Jennifer Lopez" (pretty hot), and "Shakira" (super freaking hot). All explained to you by the funny little chef as he flips your fish tacos and sneaks you winks over the stove





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  1. Ahh the pictures are making me want to go diving. and visit you. right now!! Amazing little life you two lovebirds are leading down south (well now, more east…)!!

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