Finding balance (in Charleston, SC)

We thought we’d stay a month, make it easy to head back to Maine for a week of work and visiting, but we like it here… so we may stay a little longer 🙂

9-month old baby on a sailboat cruising in Charleston tiny home afloat

Being in Portland was bittersweet… wonderful to see the community we had found, and sad to know we were just visiting.

But as someone who has left quite a few “homes” behind over the years, I stand by that it’s better to leave when you’re still sad that you’ll miss a place than to stay until you’re completely burnt out and never want to set foot there again. This way we keep our Portland memories in the awesome-adventurous (if occasionally freaking cold) box, where they belong.

“How do you decide how far you’ll go?” a coworker asked me. I couldn’t think of an answer. Some magical formula of weather windows, the appeal of certain areas, days we can sail, and the amount of energy we have to dedicate to sailing?

The ICW is a bit like a highway, generally moving everyone up or down the coast along a well-worn path. We can roughly map out plans (50 miles/day, 3 travel days/week) but plans are loose and easily tossed aside for nice people, nice places, or the need for a few lazy family-nap days.

So trying to plan out the next few months is a bit vague too… we’ve got cruising guides, lots of math, rough ideas of where it might be fun to spend Zephyr’s first birthday… but really, no set plans!

Plus it is *really* nice here, in this little slice of marina-resort world, with friendly folks, easy weather, daily shuttles to the grocery or marine store (dangerous for perennial-project-pursuers like my husband!) and an easy work set up for me.

So we’re just hanging out a little longer, living our funny little life on our funny little boat, until the next wind shift beckons (a-la-Mary-Poppins) and it’s time to continue south!


Working while cruising with a baby on a little sailboat

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