Frozen Onions (in Bahia del Sol, El Salvador)

I hate it when the onions freeze,” said nobody, ever, on Brio.

Nobody ever until NOW, that is 🙂

Because after carting the darn brand new fridge around for over a year (stored in the bathroom because where else would it fit??), we’ve finally got the sucker installed. And that baby works!!

Cue happy face:

Happy fridge faces

(I’m shaking a slushy bottle of ice water, just in case you weren’t sure what’s happening in these pics :P)Happy fridge faces

Once we got over the joy of COLD WATER (Ellen — I now understand why you guys would get SO excited about having ice for cold drinks when we were cruising — I didn’t get it then, but after 3 years of living fridge-less, I get it now!!! :P), we started playing with the settings.

Things we’ve learned? We can freeze onions. We can freeze beans. We can even freeze water! I think they call that… ice??

We’ve also learned that we have a fear of using amps, and we’re trying to accept that 50 amps/day (total usage, not just the fridge) is really not that bad! Cue new solar panels, coming soon 🙂

A very happy,



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