Here and There

I would just like to share that while it’s been like this in Vancouver:
Rainy Commute
It’s been like this in Maine:

OBIFD Training Fire
Oh?!? Why do I have pictures of a huge house massively on fire, you wonder? Well because that’s how Jon spent his weekend, of course. Putting out enormously scary, sky-licking (is that a thing people say? can we make it one?), knee-knocking, house-destroying fires.

OBIFD Training FireAnd then, if you really want to know, starting them again. Because this was actually a training fire for the volunteer fire departments in Harpswell. How cool is that?!?

OBIFD Training FirePretty sure we don’t do this in Vancouver. Just sayin’. But I think it beats watercooler gossip by about 1000% 😉

OBIFD Training Fire…all of which is to say, it’s possible that I enjoy bragging about having married a cute fireman more than is really normal or called for 😉


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