How it’s made: wedding version

I’m sitting in our high-end hotel in Phoenix (“America’s Best Value Inn” or “ABVI” for those in the know), Jon doesn’t arrive for another 3 hours, and it’s American Thanksgiving. What this means, as you might well guess, is that I have a little time on my hands ( Pizza Hut. Safeway. McDonalds. MCDONALDS!!! Who knew McDonalds ever closed).

Anyways, I thought this might be a good time to share some of my favourite pics from the “making of the wedding”… ie all the little projects and trials and moments that led up to the real thing. Cuz it’s all about the photos in my world 🙂

In some sort of chronological order…

Mom unpacking my wedding dress over Skype — very slowly so I could follow along with every exciting step! 15 days from order to delivery, custom to my measurements, and $200 baby 🙂 That’s a win in my books


Jess trials the veil

Jess trialling the veil for me


Poor sis getting sucked into hand-hammering invitation charms — but she was a champ! We spent 8 hours making those suckers and it warms Jess’ heart every time she spots one hanging on a tree, off a necklace, or just taped to the fridge 🙂


The results


Notes and materials from a makeup lesson


Practicing applying makeup and fake lashes; I told Jess she might look like an Alpaca with these suckers, but actually they suited her quite nicely 🙂


The results of my makeup trial 🙂


Jess delivered like 50 pounds of hand-made, hand-filled chocolates to our door for my birthday… these became our awesome favours 🙂 White chocolate with mango filling was my favourite…


The food trialling begins! Bean salad (recipe c/o Darleen!) in mason jars, mmm….


More trials… shrimp filled finger rolls lovingly made by Teeter and Aunt Polly


Dessert trials… mini pumpkin pies and rhubarb crisp in, you guessed it, jars 🙂


Back to serious things — jewelry! Wedding earrings we designed by “The Passionate Pearl”


The results of a few little alterations… ready to go!


The back view


Trying to make rope word signs… but mostly rope + glue = messsssy


A Little Something Sweet - Vancouver Wedding Cake Designer

A wedding cake in progress! Jess and Liz working on the little details


The gorgeous wedding cake ready to go! Have you ever seen anything so wonderful?


WHAT. IS. THIS?!?! The view we woke up to 2 days before the wedding. Nothing strikes fear in the heart like snow!


Thankfully the weather gods conspired to give us 3 picture perfect days… Jon and his brother Ben take a little breather from the wedding madness..


The poor Leitch women… Jo and Joy were our primary flower slaves and they did a FANTASTIC job of putting it all together for us


The early decorating crew hard at work! Papel Picado FTW 🙂 Oh and please note my husband (“my husband” — how weird is that??) madly dashing to get out of the picture. Gotcha!


I thought making my own bouquet would be fun… it was actually *quite* stressful. But with a lot of help, it turned out perfectly AND was fun!!!


Having a happy little moment ~ soaking in all the wonderfulness as literally *teams* of wedding angels made our dreams a reality


…all culminating in sheer wedding bliss…


So exceptionally happily married on Bailey Island, Maine - Nov 10, 2012


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