Liveaboard Life & March in Maine (Hint: Winter is not over!)

Never one to miss an opportunity to be cliche, I’d like to just talk about how February was a giant tease…

Liveaboard life - winter at DiMillos Marina, Portland, Maine

We had a couple days with highs of 68°F (20°C!) that had us all dreaming of flowers and “early spring” and other such fantasies…

Portland harbor is pretty spectacular - DiMillos Marina - Liveaboard

Is this my good angle? Pregnant life on a sailboat - time for dock photos

Which of course makes for a good excuse to have an impromptu photo shoot… is *this* my good side?!? 🙂

Pregnant life on a sailboat - time for dock photos

But winter (that unpredictable lady) is having the last laugh…

Freaking cold day in Portland, Maine

Early morning visitors - liveaboard life

Winter 2018 in Portland, Maine

Jon’s been busy with more winter boat projects… this time replacing our old cracked companionway board holders…

Replacing the companionway board holder to be more rugged

With new aluminum-plate backed ones. These guys should never break:

Replacing the companionway board holder to be more rugged - new board with aluminum backing plates

And finishing off an epic amount of paperwork (seriously, we picked “new horizons” as our theme for 2018 but maybe we should have just called it “the year of the paperwork”).

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted a picture of the Lagun Leg table?? Jon saw these on a Sail Life video, and they work so freaking well in Brio — much more adaptable than the old fixed table! I’ll have to take some better pics at some point.

Have you seen the Lagun Leg table on sailboat?

Did I mention I officially became a US citizen?? With a passport and a team USA toque to prove it 🙂

I became an American Citizen!

My friends in Maine (side note: I have FRIENDS in MAINE. Leah of 2015 would be SO proud of this statement!) threw me an incredible baby shower, complete with these tear-wrenchingly thoughtful little candles (could also be pregnancy hormones, but I thought they were pretty special) 🙂

Baby shower candle wishes

Speaking of friends, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that DiMillos has the most liveaboards we’ve ever experienced this winter, and we love it — it’s like living in a small town (“where everybody knows your name…”) while simultaneously living downtown while simultaneously living in the world’s smallest plastic-wrapped floating bubble. We feel special 😉

Winter liveaboards at DiMillos Marina, Portland, Maine

Hiding from Nor'Easter at DiMillos

Of course that’s not to say that we don’t run away to my mom-in-law’s house for just about every serious snowstorm… as much as we love Brio, there’s something pretty amazing about being able to hide out in a house (with hot water and great storm-watching views!) for the worst of it…

Bailey Island, Maine

Bailey Island, Maine

Oh and pregnant life on a boat? It pretty much looks like this…

Pregnant on a sailboat

Except when it comes time to put real shoes on, then it looks like this:

Can't put my own shoes on anymore - pregnant on a sailboat

(I married well 😉 )




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    • Thanks so much Jessie!! I currently feel like a whale living on a tiny sailboat, so I super appreciate the nice comment!! 🙂 How are you guys liking the new location?? Missing downtown life, or happy to be out on the bay a bit??

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