(Not that life is ever without hiccups!)

Hiccup #1: We ran out of water. Couldn't figure out how we possibly drank/used 60 gallons of water in a little over 10 days... until we discovered a nice leak from one of our water tanks. Thank goodness this little hacienda / shack on the beach sold water, and was able to top up our "emergency liquids" so we could continue on happily!!!


Hiccup #2: The toilet broke. I have a pretty understanding boyfriend, but when I pulled out the bucket... let's just say he wasn't too excited 🙂 Toilet jobs fall in the Leah-category, so while we enjoyed the newly-found paradise all around us, we also rebuilt the head. Leaking pumps, backed up discharge hoses, non-functioning joker valves, these are all details you should be happy you don't have to know about!!! 🙂 And the toilet is functioning again!

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