Sometimes Jon talks in his sleep. Not often, but occasionally. And last night, clear as a bell, I woke up to hear him say “Pleeeeeease no more lentils”.

I may need to expand my cooking repertoire 😉

And while we’re on the topic of sleeping, here’s a picture of the blanket cover & matching pillow that I just made on our new-to-us Sailrite. I finished sewing at about midnight last night… we went out for dinner and each had about 6 coffees… turns out I’m not totally caffeine immune haha 🙂

new vberth bedding thanks sailrite

We bought a used Sailrite Ultrafeed (with a walking foot) from a guy who had it in his bilge here. It’s in great condition and it’s pretty freaking awesome, I’m not going to lie. ‘Course the damn thing weighs about 40 lbs and we have to create a special little home for it (it’s huge!!) but I am over the moon to say goodbye to my hand-stitching days!!

the sailrite ultrafeed machine



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    • Thanks Chuck! We do have an inverter but this model also has the big hand wheel on it, so you can crank it if you need to 🙂 Will be lots of fun experimenting with it over the next few months!

    • It cranked through 8+ layers of the Genoa without even a hiccup. I’m impressed to say the least! Downside is it’s a straight-stitch only (no zigzag) but then again the Leah-machine was straight-stitch only too 😉 We’re just trying to get down to our water line, you know? I think the previous-previous owners had raised it about 4″ haha

    • Tryyyyying Bonnie!! haha we’re paying the price now for not doing more work last year… but I think we’re officially coming to the end of our list! Will feel sooo good to be sitting in liquid again!!! 🙂

  1. Hi Leah and Jon,
    hope you had a good holiday and nice weather, something we can not say for us, puring rain and windy in South Sweden! We planing to mail your marina San Carlos, Guaymas, thats right? We would like to stay there summer 2014 and also redone our deck. Our Treadmaster is worn out after 25 years! Do you know if they do this things there, do you have a contact person there? We wrote to Dave also to have your regulat mailadress? Hope you can let us know, hope to hear from you, and hope you get some nice sailing soon, Eric and Birgitta

    • Hi again Eric & Birgitta — just talked to the Marina Seca here in San Carlos, they can definitely accommodate your boat size (anything up to 50 tonnes) and they could do your non skid too. They would be able to give you a quote once you were here. Currently we pay $15/day to be in the work yard (for the first 30 days) and for our boat it’s $150 to be hauled out of the water, and $150 to be launched. You can email the work yard marina here at “marinaseca @ marinasancarlos .com”
      Let me know if you need anything else!
      Leah :

  2. Hi Eric & Birgitta,

    Thanks for the note, we had a great holiday season — bonfires on the beach, potluck in the workyard, and lots of good food all around 🙂 My email address is leah1 @ hotmail . com so you can send emails there. This work yard is called “Marina Seca – San Carlos” and they do all sorts of work here, so I am sure you could have your non-skid re done if you wanted. Jon and I just re-did ours (it was not too bad!) as the yard will let you do any kind of work you would like, but I’m sure they would be happy to have a job to do it as well.

    The only important thing to know is that it is either expensive or impossible to buy paint here, so you would be much much better to buy it in the USA and bring it down with you (if you don’t mind the space!). We bought all of our paint (bottom paint, deck paint, epoxy, varnish, etc) in Phoenix and then took it with us on the bus. Very happy we did that!

    I will ask in the marina office today for who the contact person should be for you — I imagine it will be someone named “Jesus” (“Hay-Zeus”) who is in charge here, but I will check and get an email address for you to contact. We’ve now been here for 6 weeks, lots and lots and lots of boat work being done, but I am ready to get in the water!!

    Big Swedish Hugs to the whole family!!


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