Raining… on the inside??

Part of me wants to keep the pretty wedding pictures at the top of the site… but part of me also really wants to tell you about how it’s been raining inside here. Damn.

It’s a karmic thing, of course; we finished taking off all the deck hardware (genoa track, line leads, stanchions, etc, etc) in preparation for painting the decks… so of course, today, it rained. Quite hard actually. I should say that it *never* rains here. It usually looks like this (the little beach we escape to when working gets to be too much):

So you can probably imagine what it looked like — us scrambling to put pots and pans under the leaks, madly trying to tape up holes or at least cover them with something, and dashing around trying to “wipe up” the water. In the end we took our old main sail and laid it across the deck (I knew we kept that ugly thing for a reason). It seems to be working decently well, although we are looking more and more like a gypsy boat with every passing hour…

Anyways, enough about that. We have been making good progress on the boat projects. Jon’s removed 3 old useless transducers and we’ve been re-fibreglassing them back. I’m learning all about bi-axial cloth vs boat cloth, and 12:1 ratios for hull thickness:patch width and all that nonsense. It’s actually kind of fun, what with the plastic templates and the mixing and applying… it’s just about crafty enough that I can get really into it.

And of course there have been some tacos 🙂 We’ve discovered that the Wednesday farmer’s market has some pretty good tacos too

And we have found a small bit of Christmas spirit here too…

This was actually a wedding present from our good friends Megan & Danny, and while I wasn’t sure if we could make room for it in our luggage, I am SO glad that we did! They even sent along battery-powered LED Christmas lights!!

That’s what’s up!!!






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