Sail Loot Podcast… with me!

So I did an interview with the Sail Loot podcast, all about sailing and money and how we’ve made it all work, and it was published today.

*gasps for breath*

It is SO hard (and downright scary!) to listen to yourself in an interview, so I feel quite exceptionally nervous sharing this with you all… but I just listened to it again and I don’t think I said anything too ridiculous 🙂

scared face

Leah’s Scared Face

It is 74 minutes long and I occasionally get really side-tracked / techy / emotional / over-excited, but you know what? That’s pretty much how I am in life too. Side-tracked, techy, emotional and over-excited 😉

So if you’re interested, here’s the link to Sail Loot 020: Leah Kruger Makes Sailing Money With Brio

PS – Why am I telling the world the details of our finances?

Because you know it drives me CRAZY when people get all high and mighty about money and cruising and “yachts” and “what it takes” to achieve your dreams. I like numbers, hard facts, real “how tos” and “it’s possibles”. I want to walk-my-talk so this is my attempt… Leah, With Brio, laid bare 😉

Be gentle fine people! I’m scared!



Sail Loot Podcast… with me! — 4 Comments

  1. Yay! So excited to hear you’re on sailoot and sharing all the dirty details of life on the boat. I’m still wondering if my budget is right sized but I guess we’ll see. Never did share my uber spreadsheet with you – email me if you still want to see it.

  2. Just listened to the podcast….loved it! Like you I’m a numbers person so hearing you talk specific numbers was great. The best part was your final bit of advice about not getting stuck believing/doing what others say- we’ve gotten a lot of great advice but you certainly just have to follow your gut and do what’s best for you. Nicely done! ~Jackie

  3. Hi Leah,

    It was great to actually hear a voice for a change and not just email !

    Nancy and I thought you did a great job and it sounds like you have a pretty nice alternating life style.

    After we got beat up outside Nicaragua in 2014 we stopped in Marina Papagayo on a 2-year cruising permit … long story. Now we are preparing to head south toward the canal.

    Hope to see you out there some day.


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