San Blas: Mangroves & Crocodiles

As we work our way down the coast, we’ve been stopping in some pretty cool little places.

Our last anchorage was close to the town of San Blas, and we took a panga up the river to the mangroves and estuary there. The 4-hour tour took us and friends on s/v Journey and s/v Kist up the river, through croc territory, and then stopped for a nice swim and lunch break at a swimming hole (fenced off from the crocs!).

Brio's anchorage in Mantenchen

A view from the anchorage in Matenchen, close to the town of San Blas


River Tour of San Blas

Looking forward from the panga -- we were the first boat up the river, so the waters were completely still


Baby croc

Our first spotting of a croc -- this one was a baby, the guide thought about 4 years old -- but still scary looking!!!


A white egret

A white Egret bird -- the birds were prolific throughout the river!



Another bird -- don't know it's name -- showing its beautiful wings


Jon and Leah - Brio

Enjoying the ride -- with Dori from Journey and Bonnie from Kist in the background!


BIG croc

A BIG croc hiding in the grass -- we got so close to him that he started hissing... then with one big SNAP he disappeared into the river


A cute little turtle

A cute little turtle sunning himself on a log


Another big croc

Another big croc -- this one couldn't care less about us. He kept one wary eye on our panga, but didn't budge from his sunny little spot


Big lizard

A big ole lizard -- not sure what kind -- hanging out at the very top of a tree


Vision card photos

Jon thought it was crazy to take a picture of a dilapidated boat -- but I looked at this and saw one of the photos from my last Vision card (pretty close at least). This is the beautiful pool where we swam at lunch


Crew of Journey, Kist and Brio

The crews of Journey, Kist and Brio - post swim!

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