Shoulda knocked on wood…

Did I say that Spring had come? I was wrong. Mother nature had one more “surprise” snowstorm in store for us, so we got to experience a taste of what winter *without* a bubble would be like…

Snowstorm in April in Maine on a sailboat

(No thank you!!!)

Sailboat in Maine winter without shrinkwrap is sad

At least the duck prints were cute…
At least duck feet in the snow are cute

Since then, we moved the boat out to our summer slip (a very big 5-minute trip from “B” dock to “E” dock necessitating a ridiculous amount of preparation… funny things like, “oh, I guess we should re-attach our steering wheel before we go” 😉 )

It’s a bit further of a walk to the cars and the showers, but we like it for the open views…

2016-05-11 06.50.32

2016-05-10 07.51.48

Including the 4:30 am sunrises!

2016-05-09 05.32.11

In other important updates, I’ve discovered the miracles of a box of hair dye…

No more sparkly gray hairs!

(my gray hairs had been sparkling at me every time I looked at my head… I’m convinced blondes have it easier!!!)

While Jon continues to just stay eternally youthful and cute (not that I’m biased)…

My cute husband

And we’ve finally accepted that we don’t finish anything without self-imposed deadlines, so we invited friends to go sailing next weekend… not that we have an attached prop, a finished bathroom or a clean boat 🙂 (but we will by Saturday guys!!!)

The always-glamorous liveaboard look…

Cruising ladies have serious style

And the rather entertaining feat of assembling panels that are bigger than our companionway… big project + small boat = extra fun!!

Big projects on small boats

That’s it from me!

– LMK 🙂


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  1. They’re picking cherries and strawberries in the Okanagan. We have lilacs and roses to say nothing of our galloping squash and cucumbers…… In Prince George…sorry about your weather. Worried about ours.

    • Hahaha oh that’s just depressing 🙂 Maine is definitely a four-season state, but with a little cross-over between the four!!!

    • Right?? These are some hardy ducks up here!!! And thanks 😀 I thought it would be so subtle and sneaky and no one would notice… but apparently I had more gray than I knew, cuz it hasn’t exactly been subtle…. lol!!! 😀

      • Also, we’re seriously excited for your littlest Camanoe crew to arrive — hope you’ll post lots of pictures!!

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