Small But Mighty (in Charleston, SC)

Can you spot the cruising boat, nestled in amongst the big ladies? 😉

Small cruising boat as a tiny home liveaboard

We kicked tires for a while before we found Brio (and before we had any money! haha), but always with the same goal in mind: to buy the smallest boat we could stand, in the nicest condition we could afford, so that we could be happy with her for 3-5 years.

Baby onboard! Living on a little sailboat with an 11-month old

Can you spot the boat baby?

“10-foot-itis” is a real thing in the boating world (and maybe in the housing world too??), so 8 years later I’m pretty proud that we’ve been able to make our little 33′ lady work for us, despite the Maine winters, new crew, and cruising challenges!

Small cruising boat as a tiny home liveaboard

As a sidenote — I always think it’s funny when people ask if we’ll live on Brio forever. “Definitely not!” is always our answer — “we want a bigger boat someday” 🙂

PS – It’s awesome to have some cool drone shots from our new Charleston friends (thanks Ryan and Brooke!!) I’m officially adding “drone” to the someday-wish-list!

PPS – The radar is back! Yay for working radar!!

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