Snapshots of Now

What does life look like right now? I think these sum it up quite well:

Spinnaker Disaster

The living room aka Leah's disaster area... backup asymettrical, hatch boards, windvane paddle... how will this fit in my suitcase??


My first attempt at a splice

Yesterday I did a dry-run of packing… good news is the windvane paddle (which dad has so generously agreed to long-term lend to me from Synchronicity… because Brio’s windvane doesn’t have a paddle, and the budget can’t afford $600 for a replacement. Turns out having parents with a sailboat is quite convenient!!) fits in my genormous suitcase. Bad news is the genormous suitcase is 1″ over the airline’s size limit, so I need to reduce it or fork over $190 bucks for ‘oversize luggage’. What a racket. Know what else is a racket? West Marine sail slugs. Did you know they want $12 for 4 sail slugs?? Ridiculous.

These are the things that are pre-occupying my life right now 🙂


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  1. Great first attempt at the splice – just remember to keep twisting each strand as you weave it through to keep it “rolled up”. Electrical tape wrapped round the end (like the plastic bits on shoe laces) makes it all much easier.

    Regarding the luggage allowance check to see if the airline will allow you to carry oversized sports bags for free – like a golf bag or ski bag. Might be cheaper to eBay a second hand one than pay the excess.

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