THAT’s what’s up

Somehow these two shots, together, sum up everything that we’ve been doing…

Battery box in the quarter berth - with it's new "Brio Stripe"

This is our new battery box… but it’s more than just a box. It came to life in my notebook as I tried to work out dimensions while riding the bus to Home Depot (remember that sheet of plywood? this is what it became), then taught me (along with Jon haha) how to pre-drill holes for the screws that were going to hold it together, and then use that darn drill to screw those darn screws, along with some thickened epoxy to seal it all up and make it more battery-safe, and then… because we’re Brio and it’s the Brio way, we painted it blue with what I’m now officially calling “the Brio stripes”… just to make her a little prettier, you know 😉

But it doesn’t even end there… because this battery box is just the house for the batteries, which we bought from the one local marine store here, along with carefully measured new battery cables and terminals and connectors… and so somehow this battery box keeps talking to me, saying “Leah, look at what you’ve learned”, and “measure twice, cut once goshdarnit”, and “two 6 volt batteries connected in series can then be added in parallel to expand the bank”, and “you know stripes really do make things look better”, annnnnd “hey… maybe we really can install the fridge now”.

The flip side to these never-as-simple-as-they-seem-projects (I mean, really, how long could it possibly take to make a simple little box?!?! Right?? Right??) is this:

Painting the bottom in the dark by flashlight in Marina Seca - trying to get the boat in the water!

…which is a picture of Jon finishing painting the bottom in the dark, by flashlight. Is that dedication or what?? Because after 7 weeks of work-yard-honeymoon, we are quite READY to be in the water… so we’ve moved on to “Get Things Done” mode 🙂

Which is why my wonderful husband-of-two-months (still counting) is out there finishing up by flashlight (and actually it’s an Energizer puck light, which OMG might just be the best.things.ever so if you fee like sending us a present, send us more of those please) while I, quite usefully, am taking pictures.

THAT’s what’s up.

(and there will be daylight pictures of the bottom, don’t worry… just have to finish this little list of projects first… 😉 )

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