The ironies of boating (sailing in Muscongus Bay)

The Swedes have a great saying, roughly translated as, “joy shared is doubled, pain shared is halved”.

You my lucky reader get to be the recipient of the pain today, as we sail along with one bar of signal and a need to vent!

We installed a new prop. My boat-jewelry birthday present. Brio now motors easily a knot faster than she did before. BUT. Big but. At high revs that damn prop is grinding into the boat. Sounds as awful as you might imagine it would.

imageWe thought it might be the zinc hitting so I suited up and braved the frigid water to check this morning and found the much worse answer: prop is too big. Fiberglass is literally being ground away. Who do we kill?

And an interesting thought: how much faster would we motor if we weren’t biting into the boat with every rotation??

Pain shared. I feel better 🙂

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