The squeaky wheel gets the oil (progress, at long last!)

So I thought a little bit before posting my “rant” on the whole immigration process — I don’t want the powers-that-be to get the wrong idea or anything. But after deciding that I had a worthy cause to share and was really just needing an outlet, I posted it, and then *poof* — all sorts of awesomeness started happening.

Diving in Victoria in November

(This post needed a picture so I thought you might like a random ‘awesome’ shot from diving in Victoria last weekend)


The first awesome thing?

We got our case complete email. That’s *the* email that we’d been waiting for (and not getting) since about July. No more lost paperwork, no more missing photographs, just the two sweetest little words in the English language: case complete. I wish I could lie and say that we jumped for joy and whooped and hollered and had a party — but actually we just sat and stared at each other and breathed mini sighs of relief and then started wondering what might go wrong next…

Which brings me to awesome thing #2.

Today, a full week *ahead* of schedule, I got my “official interview appointment”. Did I mention that I have to fly to Montreal to be interviewed by the US Consulate? Well I do, and it’s the last big piece in this whole process, and waiting for your interview date can sometimes take up to 3 weeks, but it didn’t this time it only took 10 days… so we’re going to Montreal! On January 7th*** 🙂 And I won’t even complain about how fun it is to try to book post-Christmas flights to Montreal in the middle of the freezing cold friggin’ winter, because I am just so, so, SO happy to have this last piece scheduled.

So…. barring unforeseen future complications, I will have my interview with the Consulate folks on the 7th and be back in Maine, with my husband, and my greencard, and some serious life experience, and a giant smile on my face, by the middle of January. How good is that??? I am a happy, happy, happy girl!!! 😀

***For anyone that’s interested, when we started this process we were quoted “6 to 8 months” for the overall process time. Our total journey, from “initial application” to “final interview” will have been exactly 400 days. Never trust a lawyer’s quote I tell ya 😉




The squeaky wheel gets the oil (progress, at long last!) — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve been following the ups and downs of your immigration process. Sounds like it has a been a real nightmare, but I’m glad to see there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hope all goes well with the interview.

  2. Great news! Congrats to you two!! What a relief that must be.
    When we left Marina Chiapas just a few days ago, Brio was looking well and patiently waiting for you.

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