Tinted wine and lala flan — life is good (Marina Chiapas, Tapachula, Mexico)

Living a happy life with brio...

Sitting here on the port settee, with the big fan blowing, “Jesse & Joy” playing (our favourite Mexican band :P), a glass of vino tinto (red wine) that came from a box that cost $3.08 CDN on the table beside me, a Lala flan ready for dessert (I’m addicted to Mexican flan — can’t explain it :D), my cute husband beside me making quesadillas for dinner… I can’t help thinking… “life is good”.

Night-time in Tapachula

(Know what else helps? The spider nests are gone, the mold has been washed away, the ants are greatly reduced (but – alas – hard to eradicate completely!!), the cupboards are STOCKED full of media crema, beans, and salsa (like literally — we bought out the entire store’s worth of salsa: 42 cans :D), the dinghy’s in the water and still as fun as I remember, the engine’s running nicely, the sails are on, the bimini is providing some awesome shade, the newly-installed wifi antennae is my new favourite boat accessory, and soon — we’ll be leaving for our very first ‘foreign’ country! But until then… we’re enjoying this!!!)


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