Waffles (in Marathon, Florida)

This will be quick.

I’ve discovered my new favourite boat-gadget:

Stove top waffle-maker for a boat

What wonderful things does that heavy cast-iron sucker create?

Well waffles, of course 😉

Delicious waffles for breakfast on the boat!

And can I just say that I’m pretty sure this qualifies as the best birthday-breakfast I’ve ever made for Jon?? 🙂


PS – Cruisers, campers, other we-don’t-have-ample-power-so-we-can’t-have-wafflers… I got this baby on Amazon for $20.



Waffles (in Marathon, Florida) — 2 Comments

    • That’s awesome Ali!! It takes about 3 minutes to make a waffle, so to make 2 waffles in the morning (or 4 for you guys) is really not that hard at all!! Plus how cool is it to have waffles on the go, right?? 🙂

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