Weekend Warriors… Kind Of (in Damariscove, Maine)

Can I call us weekend warriors if we were actually there Sunday and Monday?? We have been working more normal schedules and our adapted weekend turned out to be an excellent decision, with *perfect* weather (it was 80! in October!) and not a soul in sight.

Damariscove Lighthouse and Sunshine

Sailing in Maine - Us

Jon even managed to catch us some fishies for dinner… although I think he had seaweed on the line at this point…
J catching the big one

Jon’s uncle came by for a visit on the way there (hard to believe he could catch us in our speedy little Brio, isn’t it??) and gave us a wave and a couple of pictures…

Visitors (in their FAST boat!)

Brio sailing to Damariscove

Jon’s mom caught me red-handed (pink-toed?) in the middle of my favourite sailing past-time… toenail painting 🙂

Painting toenails is a favourite pasttime

And Damariscove Island ended up being one of the most beautiful islands we’ve ever visited… with a perfect skinny slot of an anchorage, courtesy rowboats (clearly they don’t know my need for speed), and great walking trails…

Damariscove day use row boats

Roses on Damariscove Island

Leah on Damariscove trails

Brio - view of anchorage from above on Damariscove

Maine has beautiful coasts

Teeter on the porchView from the museum on Damariscove

It was extra fun to have a photography-buddy (Jon is very definitely not into having his picture taken simultaneously by both his wife and his mother but it was pretty funny to try :P)

Teeter is a photo fiend too

I think he’d rather just skip rocks…

Jon skipping rocks on Damariscove

Oh and proof of Jon’s fishing prowess. Luckily he caught us 3 of these tasty little guys… I devoured mine! 🙂

The big one becomes dinner


**Aside: I published this and then realized that I’m already quoting temperatures in Fahrenheit. Not bad for 6 weeks of adjusting, eh? 😉


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