When it’s all just a little ridiculous…

Sometimes, when things reach a point of absolute ridiculousness, there’s nothing to do but take pictures.

My sister started it in 2010. She hit a curb the wrong way on the streets of Paris, landing mouth-first on the pavement. Laying on the ground, bleeding profusely, she looked up at me and said, “Leah… get… the… camera!”.

Being the great sister that I am, I obliged:

Jessica bleeding in Paris

Fall 2010. Jon and I were actively kicking tires with absolutely no money in the bank. Sometimes this made for interesting prospects.

Does Jon *really* need to be able to stand up straight?
Early boat shopping days

Spring 2013, Mazatlan. I have SO many photos like this. In this case, the engine bracket broke, so our inboard was basically sitting on one engine mount. No bueno.

Time to fire up the camera and pray someone wants to come visit us with a few engine mounts in their bag 😉
Broken engine support

Spring 2013. Again.

If it’s an *especially* ridiculous situation (like the new engine mounts broke less than two weeks after install), that might warrant your husband taking a picture of you crying (or your wife taking a picture of your filthy sweaty body, if you’re dad in the middle of the Indian Ocean), and then a little Photoshop action so you can whine to your parents.


Winter 2015. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that we’re cheap buggers. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to read. It just means sometimes, when the indoor temperature drops to 45*F, you need gloves to read in bed.

“Reading gloves”. Coming soon to a store near you 😉

Reading gloves

You know where this is leading right? In the midst of I-don’t-know-how-many-snowfalls-cuz-I-stopped-counting-at-seven, there’s a general sense of THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

Snow piles

So what else is there to do?


But laugh at the forecast…


And take pictures.

Bailey Island's most photographed house

And remember that even the ridiculous days can be photo-worthy…

Mackerel Cove

Because somehow the simple act of taking a picture takes the moment and freezes it in a way that you see “one day this will be a memory”


… and that makes it better.

Safer, warmer, happier, funnier 🙂


“Living Life With Brio”

In sub-temperature Maine 😉


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