“Where do I belong?” (in St Marys, GA)

We hopscotched all over British Columbia for the holidays — from three flights to my sister’s cozy downtown apartment, to my grandparents’ via the snowy, windy 8-hr mountain drive, to Tofino for some family bonding and winter surfing, to friends’ with a spare truck trailer parked in their driveway, to my parents’ sailboat frozen in the river.

It was a quiet morning when Zephyr looked at us with thoughtful eyes and asked, “where do I belong?”


A beat of silence passed before he offered, “…in the boatyard?”


“With us,” we filled in, “on Brio II, of course!”

(While thinking that it wasn’t a bad question, and in many ways gives voice to the feeling that hits me every time we visit BC!)

Where is home? Are we making the right decisions? Do we have our priorities mixed up? Are we ruining our kiddo by dragging him all over hill and dale?

– Quick thoughts from the 3-year old’s “homiest” home, the boatyard.

Prepping for the Hydrovane, who will hopefully be more useful to us when she’s not in boxes in Zephyr’s cabin!!


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