Synchronicity (1998 – 2002)

Because this really was the beginning of it all, the trip that gave me ‘the sailing bug’, the years of life that defined our family and the adventure of a lifetime… a few shots from four years of cruising (1998 – 2002). Mom, dad, Jess and I, aboard Synchronicity, our Fraser 41′ that mom & dad bought as a kit-boat, and dad built in our backyard from ’92-’95.

Circumnavigation Route

Circumnavigation Route

Synchronicity's Empty Hull

1995: Me in the empty hull of Synchronicity, prior to dad installing *anything*

Kruger Family

Kruger Family in Moorea (1999)

On watch underway to Australia (age 12)

Proudly showing off my handiwork (Courtesy flag for Tonga)
A Sri Lankan pole fisherman

Jess & I with our new friends in Oman

The glamorous cruising life...

Jess & I hanging out on the dodger with the "toe" of Italy in the background

Living the good life in the Maldives


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    • Hi Sevgin,

      Unfortunately no — my parents did not keep any kind of blog (not sure they even existed then haha!) so this is the only information that is currently on the web. Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions though!


  1. Hello. I met your parents in Halkett bay on Gambier. I have found myself quite interested in your experiences. Living life vicariously I suppose. I have Fraser 41 that I bought three years ago. Best investment I’ve ever made. Needed lots of upgrading and TLC. But it’s a very well built boat and worth all my time because of that. It keeps me young.
    I see you have your own boat and an addition to the family. Congratulations. I know that this is six years latter. Your parents talked about circumnavigating the Americas. I would like hear if you are still sailing and how your experiences have helped in the journey through life. And how your parents are getting on. Nosey I know but I like to hear great positive stories…and your families story is a great one.
    Doug on the Fraser 41 Orion

    • Hi Doug,

      Mom and dad will be delighted to hear that you’ve circled around again — I remember them mentioning that they’d run into another Fraser 41 in BC! Fraser owners feel like a small but exclusive club 😉

      We are absolutely still sailing — it’s in my blood, and now it’s in Zephyr’s (our 5-month old son), so I don’t think we can escape it! Jon and I have lived aboard Brio since 2011, most recently for 4 years in Maine (yes, even through winter). Now we’re actually getting ready to head south and continue our cruising adventures… no set destination, just somewhere that won’t have snow in February!

      Sailing has helped in life in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin. What a wonderful question! I think sailing teaches you to be flexible, to realize that many things are out of your control, to make the best of what you are currently experiencing, to connect to nature and our fleeting impermanence on this planet (nothing like a good ole fashioned storm or crystal clear starry night to make you feel tiny and your problems so very insignificant!), to value freedom and new experiences, to appreciate time and how quickly and slowly it can pass… to realize that much of modern society is centered around being comfortable and checked out from resources and the world outside (thermostats, unlimited hot water, cruise control) but it doesn’t have to be that way, and sometimes being uncomfortable helps you appreciate when you’re comfortable (like a flat calm quiet anchorage)…

      Oh I could go on and on, and wax poetic all over the internet, but I think you get the idea. In more practical terms, it’s helped us to have an entirely debt-free life, to live all over and not feel tied to one place or job, and to have a lot of trust in our own abilities to adapt. Hopefully Zephyr will pick up some of these traits too. Now that we’re sailing with a baby there’s a whole new element of seeing life through his eyes, which we’re only just beginning to explore…

      And hopefully I’ll get a little more regular about updating the blog so our families and friends can continue to follow along the journey! How are your projects going? I can definitely related to an older boat that you love and continuously work on!! Labor of love 🙂


  2. Hello Brio (Leah)
    I just saw all the baby pictures. looks very contented with life. But then who wouldn’t be living on a boat. I’m a a bit behind the times. Baby is brand new. i thought he was six years old already. I’ll figure out the blog dynamics eventually.
    Boat projects coming along. All new electronics, engine, shaft, shaft log, wiring mostly changed out, electrical panels upgraded, etc. I realise this might be more interesting to your father lol. I am taking some of your parents ideas and incorporating them on my boat…. but don’t tell them that, they might have patent rights. And you’re on the other side of the continent. Boat people have problems with staying in one place? Anyway enough from me. Will follow your blog for sure. I’m always interested in people who mess about in boats. Keep us posted.


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