Stormy Moments

Why is it so hard to remember?
Why is it so easy to forget?
Why is it so easy to get swept up in the dreary minutia of daily existence?
Why does 4 months feel like forever?
Why does the office have a dress code?
Why do I hate dress codes so so SO much?
Why did I ‘settle’ for the easier route to make money?
Why didn’t I struggle through something more exciting?
Why does it matter?
Why did I eat so many cupcakes today?
Why do I get so caught up in cupcake-counts?

(Five. Today. Five cupcakes today. Ohhhhh Mexico beach body you are in big trouble)

Why do I forget about the bigger picture, the dream, the passion, the vision?
Why do dress codes and cupcake counts get to occupy more brain space than pure gratitude for our beautiful boat, love, life, dreams, hopes, and future?
Why do quiet gentle songs and starry nights do such a wonderful job of reminding me of the priorities, the truly important things in life… this too shall pass, and in 10 years, very little of it will matter anymore.

Make the most of every day Leah. Even these in-between days, the ones that feel a bit like being 11 (not quite a child; not quite a teenager; you don’t have boobs you just have bites, you can’t sit at the adult table but you sure as heck don’t want to be stuck with the thumb-suckers, you’d like to dig out your barbies and play all night but you’re meant to be exploring nail polish and boys…  just stuck in hopeless limbo).

Off-topic Leah… One day you’ll look back and smile fondly at the memory of ranting about dress codes and conferences and the injustice of it all. So just be calm, be still, and be happy that you are 23 and life has been sweet to you.



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