A Simpler Life…

I thought I’d share a few photos from the last few days… we love it so much here in Mazatlan, we haven’t been able to drag ourselves away!

One of my very favourite parts of this city is the “Mercado Central” — the huge market in the centre of town, where you can buy everything from veggies to crafts to pigs’ heads to shoes to shrimp to cheese to… you name it 🙂

Many of our days start at the Mercado:

Our favourite veggie man, who we visit at least every other day!


Mercado Veggies


Street candy


Then when we can’t possibly carry anything more, we come back to the boat and start whatever project the day seems right for.

This might be my very favourite part of sailing… waking up every morning, knowing that today is a day of my own making. If we want to read in the hammock or suntan on deck, we can; if we want to head in to the market and get a few things for dinner, we can; if we want to up anchor and move around the corner, we can. I love the freedom, the choice, the possibility that every morning presents.

Anyways, enough waxing poetic… here’s what yesterday’s bananas became:

With the help of a few imported friends (Costco-sized Chipits only come from Costco)... the market bananas become something new 🙂


Chocolate-chip-banana muffins (I put 3 bananas into these suckers -- they are chock-a-block full of banana!! But there's a decent number of chocolate chips too :P)


I love baking (hence the muffins), but Jon is truly the chef aboard. Lately his specialty has been caramelized-onion-and-shrimp-pizza… with freshly made dough, cooked on the grill. Often cooked on the grill in the dark, by headlamp (he’s dedicated). The result is the best freaking pizza I have *ever* had:

Pizza Heaven


It’s a simple life, full of simple pleasures, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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