Heading Up

Attempted a fun little project today…

The old "Tri-Color" -- with a crappy LED bulb that interfered with all sorts of our electronics, and then committed suicide on the passage over from La Paz

Which involved leaving deck level…

Hanging out at the top of Brio's mast


It was a bit of a messy job -- I've got the dirty face & bruises to prove it 🙂

This was the first time we’d been up our mast at all; we borrowed a bosun’s chair from a fellow yachtie, and used a 4:1 block & tackle to get to the top. The problem, of course, is always the last 3′ of height that you need to get to the top. A couple of webbing loops gave me “steps” to stand in… but we’re keeping “mast setup” on the list of things to ponder about further.

It was pretty exciting to be up there!

With a bit of a struggle & a little knee-knocking, I managed to get the cover off the light, get the old bulb out, install the new LED bulb (which should not interfere with anything), and get the cover back on…. only to discover that the bulb was not the actual problem:

The problem: The ground wire has completely corroded away, meaning we need to run a whole new wire through the mast. Another project, for another day.


So this is a project that’ll stay on the list for now… but I’m still happy we got some cool pictures!

The view of Brio from the top. The large blue thing in the cockpit is my new kneeboard (a Christmas present from my sister!) that I am *very* excited to try soon 🙂



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