El Faro de Maz

El Faro de Maz (Mazatlan Lighthouse) is currently the highest operating lighthouse in the world at 523 feet above sea level. It’s a steep gravel path and then 355 steps to the top.

The first time I climbed to the top was with my family and grandparents in 1999, when we were here on Synchronicity (I’m in purple, crawling up the stairs). I don’t remember how long it took, but I do remember that it seemed like a big hike.

El Faro de Maz - 1999


The second time I climbed El Faro was in 2009, when I dragged my beloved sister to the top (thankfully they’d done a little work on the stairs!). We were on a Mexican Riviera cruise, and were only in Mazatlan for one day. Since we’d done it before, we thought we’d give it a try again. It took us 3 hours to make it to the top (stopping every 3rd or 4th step for a break!), and about 45 minutes to come down.


Today, I climbed to the top for the 3rd time.

El Faro de Maz - 2012


It took us 20 minutes… with a little huffing and puffing 🙂

View of Mazatlan from El Faro de Maz hike

View of Mazatlan from the top

Stopped for a breath & a photo


Some of the steeper steps near the top


Happy smiles at the top

Happy to be at the top!


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