Ahhh, Sweet Relief (in Cumberland Island, GA)

Two months later (and actually only ten days behind our plan – thanks UPS!), Brio II floats again.

You know the best part? The moment I look forward to the absolute most?

It’s not the floaty feeling you get when the boat finally gently rocks in the slings, or the feel of the breeze and the sun as you motor away.

It’s not the peaceful quietness after weeks of being smack in the middle of the boatyard (right beside the single bathroom!) which means you eventually chat with just about every single person there. Great for my extroverted soul, less great for getting work done 😉

It’s not the newly installed Hydrovane or the silky-smooth wheel and rudder bushings that replace the squeak-squeak-screeech sound our rudder was making when we came in.

No, the part of being back in the water that I look forward to the absolute most is being able to pee in my own toilet.

No she-wee & jug, no waiting in line, no need to “go” fast cuz the whole boatyard is lined up outside, no need to remember to pack my own TP. Just my good ole toilet and me.

Living without something really makes you appreciate it when it’s back!




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