Soooo close! (in St Marys, GA)

We are soooo close to launching, I can feel it!

Unfortunately, so can UPS, so they decided to slightly misplace two critical deliveries this week. It’s hard to launch without a belt for the new serpentine drive or the spacer for the alternator. Both are tied to us upgrading from a regular v-belt to a serpentine belt set up — a change we are hoping will be worthwhile in the long run.

Note: “upgrading” is really just boat-speak for “banging your head against the wall today in hopes that maybe you’ll do less head-banging in the future”.

Nevertheless, once we track down our shipments it *should* be relatively painless. (A dangerous statement to make on a boat!! Haha). The bottom is painted, the rudder is re-bushing’d, and Brio II has been Hydrovane’d… we are READY!

Don’t panic, it’s face paint.

Fingers crossed it’s soon!


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