And it just keeps getting better! (in Islas Secas, Panama)

We have been so lucky with our stops in Panama — each one’s been better than the last!

It was a short trip to the Islas Secas from where we were, so we decided to tow the dinghy rather than haul the ole giant on deck… an unexpected bonus of this was that as we were ghosting along under sail, Jon looked at me and said, “should I get in the dinghy and take some pictures?!?”  Ummm… YES! 🙂

Sailboat Brio underway in Panama

Sailboat Brio

Practicing my nonchalant lookNothing warms my heart like pics of Brio under sail 🙂  Brio under sail Sailboat Brio

And then, after our lovely little jaunt and a few shouts of “OMG I CAN SEE THE BOTTOM!!!”, we were anchored in 40′ of crystal turquoise water…

Clear water in 40'

… and making the most of the amazing visibility & plethora of sea life!

Snorkelling in Islas Secas, Panama

Snorkelling in Islas Secas, Panama

Snorkelling in Islas Secas, Panama

(Sometimes we hold hands while we snorkel 🙂 We’re trying to keep the newlywed vibe alive, k? 😉 )Snorkelling couple :)

Snorkelling in Islas Secas, Panama

Blowing bubbles

Clear water with a swimmer at the bottom

Jon free diving

So yep, life’s been good & Panama is getting big points in my books!!

And now?

Well tonight we’re tucked up in a tiny bay called “Ensenada Benao”, which is 12 miles shy of “Punta Mala” (any time a place is named “bad point”, you can assume it’s not a good thing).

It’s seriously gusterly outside — we’ve been sailing around the anchorage with each blow — but the holding is good, the waves are flat, the forecast for Sunday looks calmer, and we’re picking up internet in the bay… what more could you ask for?? 🙂


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