Who knew paradise was around the corner??? (in Isla Gamez / Isla Partida, Panama)

No, but really — how come I didn’t know paradise was in Panama??

We made the short little hop to Panama (109-mile trips are now classified as ‘hops’), around a blustery point and into a little cluster of scruffy looking islands. We dropped the hook in 20′ of turquoise-blue water and then turned to each other with “is this for real??” written across our faces…

Brio at anchor in Isla Gamez / Isla Partida in PanamaWhite sandy deserted beaches, palm trees blowing in the gentle breeze, new friends in the anchorage…

Brio at anchor in Isla Gamez

Water so warm you never want to get out, and a bay full of fish for the catching…

Jon riding around in the dinghy with Brio in the background

Catch of the day -- tuna

You couldn’t wipe the silly grins off our faces!
"Is this for real??" faces

Warm swimming

And then to cap off the most wonderful day in a most wonderful way… a beach fire to roast our freshly-caught tuna (and a few marshmallows… I knew I’d been carrying around a bag of marshmallows for *some* reason :P) complete with my first sighting of fireflies (those things are AMAZING)…

Jon tends the beach fire in Isla Gamez beach fire in Isla GamezWhy didn’t we come here sooner?!?

Sunset at Isla gamez– LMK


Who knew paradise was around the corner??? (in Isla Gamez / Isla Partida, Panama) — 5 Comments

  1. Im reading your posts to Alan and showing him your pictures. Your photos are gorgeous and we are dreaming that we are sitting on your pretty little cove having coffee this morning! Love you guys!

    • well yes, good looking but…. it was a skipjack :S we marinated the heck out of it and grilled it over the fire and it was okay though!! darn skipjack are just all over the place!!

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