Around the corner… to Barra de Navidad :)

After 6 busy weeks in La Cruz, we had a quick motor out to Punta de Mita, where we *finally* got to put on our snorkel gear 🙂 Only to clean the bottom and float around, but still it was a nice 27 degree swimming experience!

Jon getting ready to clean the bottom at Punta de Mita

Brio at anchor in Punta de Mita - Jon with his jellyfish suit on

From there we had a fantastic sail around Cabo Corrientes and down to Barra de Navidad… and got to put our stainless steel GoPro stick to good use (don’t even ask… it was a $40 miscommunication that is quite spectacular to look at! haha)

Brio underway with the GoPro camera stick

Happy sailing days around Cabo Corrientes

Unfortunately Jon had a pretty bad reaction to “Vermox Plus”, a drug that’s supposed to clear out any little bugs you might have picked up down here but just managed to make Jon feel like crap… but like a trooper he made all his watches and put up with a rolling, rollicking ride!

Jon passed out on passage -- being sick underway is not fun!

I’d say it was one of our nicest trips so far…

Gorgeous sunrise sailing on Brio

I discovered a really terrible sounding (and looking!) recipe that is actually fantastic — it’s called “Mujadara” and is “Lebanese peasant food”. 3 ingredients: Rice, Lentils and (super caramelized) Onions. I can’t imagine a better boat-recipe!

Not appetizing-looking, but delicious Mujadara -- 3 ingredient boat food at it's best! Lentils, Rice + Onions

Tried to take underwater pics with the GoPro stick… need to keep working on that 🙂

Look at that clean bottom! Underwater shot of the hull sailing

Beautiful sailing on Brio - with Barra de Navidad reflected in the hull

And now we’re enjoying the very protected Barra lagoon anchorage! Just missing the French baker (who should show up tomorrow morning with almond croissants… mmmmm)

Coming in to Barra de Navidad

Barra de Navidad approach

Freaking gorgeous flowers

Barra de Navidad - Street in town

Barra entrance hotel

Jon with some pretty flowering bushes

Leah with flowers in Barra de Navidad

Oh, and since it’s the 10th and we’re celebrating our 5-month anniversary (yes, yes, like a high schooler I really am counting months again!!!) we tried to take a cute couple-y picture in the windy anchorage…

Trying to take a happy 5 months picture

And eventually succeeded! Happy 5 months Jonathan 🙂

Better 5 month wedding anniversary picture

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