Zee French Baker + Communications from Paradise

Zee French Baker approaching Brio mmmmm

You’d think we’d never seen a pain-de-chocolate or something, given the extreme excitement going on around here 🙂 We’ve been in Barra for a week, and I won’t even tell you how much we’ve spent on French pastries, cuz I’m actually a little ashamed***!!! But those croissants, those tartes-de-pomme, those baguettes!

Pastries - un tarte de pomme from the French baker

One of the highlights for me has been the chance to practice my French again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go exactly as planned… For example, the first morning I asked for “dos croissants s’il vous plait“, which is pretty much Sprench at its best.

This morning might take the cake though; the French baker asked me how I was liking the weather, and I replied “je t’aime” (as in, “I love you”). His head tweaked a little, but he wasn’t even ruffled; I think he’s used to a jangle of languages getting plied on him! And Jon thought it was quite funny that I was professing my love to the French baker, but I told him I was just after those pain-de-chocolats 🙂

And now?

Well we’re sitting in a small restaurant here in Barra, eating pancakes (Jon) and strawberry smoothies (me) while I try to have a work meeting on Skype. If you can forget for a minute that I’m trying to have a legitimate work conversation, the scene is really quite comical: Mexican roosters crowing, cars driving down the street blaring some commercial for tomatoes over their loudspeaker, internet cutting out every 5-10 minutes, a power connection that runs 80% of the time, and the smell of chile chiquillas in the background… *sigh* thank goodness I work for a seriously understanding lady!!

Working in Paradise***Ashamed, but in a way almost impressed too: we’ve spent 685 pesos (~$60) on the French baker in ONLY 5 DAYS!! Yeesh, we need to leave just so we stop buying croissants!


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  1. Been following you all along and that Tarte aux Pommes just really did something to me! Oh la la que c’est bon….I totally understand. You are such a good writer, I think you should really try to write a book. Looking forward to maybe seeing you again when you get home.

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