City Living (in Portland, Maine)

We went to a David Gray concert last weekend, at the Maine State Pier.


Granted, we could see Brio from our seats (approximately 600′ to the right of the stage), so buying tickets might have been a little silly…

But I walked down the aisle to “Sail Away”, so that’s my ticket-buying-rationale 🙂 And it was an absolutely PERFECT evening for an outdoor concert…


Also, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that Portland is an awesome city? But it is. I love living in the city. LOVE it.


This view doesn’t hurt either 😀


The only thing I haven’t figured out is why we didn’t do this sooner.


People “from away” might not know that Mainers like to drive around with “if you can’t hack the winters, you don’t deserve the summers” bumper stickers. Classy, I know.


But in some weird twisted way, I get it. Winter was SO ridiculously awful / isolated / lonely / snowy / cold that I have 500% more appreciation for how AWESOME right now is.


This. This moment. Today, on our boat, wind howling, sun shining, holding tank smelling (that never changes), dockside plants growing, coffee drinking, from-home-working… This is all good.

Plus? The marina warned us that there would be a ferris wheel in our parking lot for a few days. I was like “THERE’S GONNA BE A FERRIS WHEEL IN OUR PARKING LOT WOOHOOO!!”….


…And it turns out I’m not the only one who likes to ride the ferris wheel 😉


Yep, life with Brio, in the city, is pretty darn great so far 🙂




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  1. We lived in Portland for a little over a year, (on our sailboat). I couldn’t take the winter’s (they physically hurt me)… but I love the town. Actually, met my best friend inthe whole world up there! (So, now I miss it even more.)

    • Ooh I feel like I have a lot to to learn from you!! How to make winters aboard better-than-awful, how to make friends in Portland… share any secrets!! Where are you living now? Still on the boat?

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