3 Signs You May Be A Liveaboard…

1. You chose your slip based on proximity to the pumpout…

DiMillos pumpout station(I chose this slip 100% because I thought we might be able to reach the pumpout from our slip… and we can! Wahoo!)

2. There are green living things in breakable containers in your cockpit

Jon likes rosemary

Jon is growing rosemary… so it’s safely wedged between cushions!

3. You’ve started decorating

More plans on boats

3b. The side-effect of such being that you’re going to have to water at high-tide 😛

Plants on pillars in marinas

Can you tell we’re pretty okay with our dock-rat status??

– LMK 🙂


3 Signs You May Be A Liveaboard… — 4 Comments

  1. So I’m putting these last three posts together and coming to the conclusion that you guys are living aboard? (I’m quick on the uptake). What’s the plan? Live aboard until it’s time to sail again or has Brio found a more or less permanent home? Dave and I loved living aboard when we got back from Mexico; it was an awesome way to save money, that’s for sure. But then we got the house and that’s a whole OTHER adventure. lol Hugs to you and Jon.

    • Haha you’ve got it Steph! We wanted to live aboard last winter but BRRRR we weren’t ready for a Maine winter on Brio 🙂 We’re hoping to try it this winter (this time with a diesel heater, some insulation, you know — the useful stuff :P) Living at a dock is SO EASY!!! Projects mean the engine won’t run? No biggie, we’re not going anywhere. Battery charger is on the fritz? Not a problem, we’ve got an extension cord. Boat just feels too small / messy / [insert complaint here]? Just get off and go for a walk 😉 We’re pretty happy wearing our dock-rat titles for the moment!!

  2. Hey y’all… do you
    Know where to find live aboard rentals for my sister and I? We want an adventure for 2-3 months but I don’t know of how to find one??? Help??

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