Meanwhile, behind the scenes… (Portland, Maine)

You know that if I write a post all about “this moment” and how it’s perfect, there’s going to have to be a follow-up with some of the inescapable “real” details, right?

For example.

The night before Brio was due to launch, we showed up to the boatyard and realized *oops* we forgot to load the boom onto the boat. No big deal, we could always bring it by dinghy the next day, right?

But that would just be too simple 😉

So, being the feminist-minded-female that I am, I took one look at my (poor, much-abused, under-appreciated) VW bug and thought, “yup, she’ll do”.

Carrying a boom in a VW bug

And, being the good little car that she is, off we went. Boom in tow. Red reefing lines serving as the “look out, I’m too long” flag on the end.

Cue feelings of super-womanness and feminine power, right?



I guess I don’t know my own strength 😉 So THAT was an expensive lesson in point-loading glass and being impatient.

Next up? This one is Jon’s (thank God)

Raka — one of the few West System epoxy competitors — makes this great gallon kit of epoxy and hardener, at a much reduced price. Being the project-minded couple that we are, we figured we’d invest in such a gallon kit and have it on hand for any and all upcoming fibreglass projects.

Turns out (who’da known??), those great gallon jugs of epoxy? They’re not that resilient. And life in the back of Jon’s truck can be hard on a gallon of epoxy, you know?

So Jon got to find out what it’s like to try to clean a gallon of uncured epoxy out of the bed of a truck. And don’t even *think* of suggesting that he just add the catalyst and call it a day. It was not a popular suggestion 😉

Jon probably won't be impressed that I was taking pictures while he was cleaning, so shhhh we just won't tell him!

Jon probably won’t be impressed that I was taking pictures while he was cleaning, so shhhh we just won’t tell him!

On a much happier note, we spent last weekend with my amazing friend Peter — an Aussie that I met in 2010 — who celebrated his 87th birthday with a couple lobsters at DiMillos before his flight to Croatia, where he’s chartered a Bavaria for a week and then will travel to his canal boat in France for the month of June. Not bad for 87, eh?

photo 2 (7) photo 4 (5)

Rounding out the details worth mentioning, Jon and I have officially been married for 2.5 years and I think 30 months seems worthy of a selfie. Especially since I’m pretty sure the last time Jon wore a tie was at our wedding 😉


And last but not least, I had my first run in Portland and discovered that the Eastern Prom in Portland smells exactly like Mazatlan, Mexico. Anyone who’s anchored in the old town anchorage knows what I’m talking about (hint: think sewage treatment). Funny enough, the smell is SO strongly associated with Mazatlan that I just kinda like it 🙂 “Mmm, smells like adventure!”

Running on the Eastern Prom in Portland, Maine

Running views

And I think that completes our keeping-it-real, behind-the-scenes tour 🙂

(for this week, anyways)





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  1. I enjoy your posts so much and while I read them it is sort of like a movie cause Leah as I read the words your voice is what I hear 🙂 Any chance you will sail down to Crystal River, FL? Your always welcome if you want to fly too. I need you to teach me how to snorkel without drowning myself. You look HAPPY! LY

    • Oh that is such a wonderful compliment — thanks Auntie Dana!! Hope you know Jon and I are very tempted by your new Florida digs!!

  2. Found your blog a couple months ago, I love it! You guys have some great adventures, and a beautiful boat.

    My wife lived in auburn for two summers and when I visited we always went to Portland. It’s such a great, unique town!

    Enjoy, and I’m looking forward to your next adventures.

    • Thanks Chris!! Looks like you guys are headed for some great adventures of your own — starting with shipping a boat across the country!! Hope you’ll keep blogging your own stories too, it’s always fun to read along 🙂

      • Actually, mind if I email you a couple questions about living in Portland? It looks like it *could* be the next stop in our journey. The company my wife works for has a facility in Auburn, and it gets us close to a coast!

        I can’t seem to find your email on the website. Thanks!

    • Haha thanks Dan! Despite the windshield incident, I’m still pretty proud that the bug can take a boom. Who needs a truck these days?? 😀 Enjoy that Bermuda blue for us Northern New Englanders!!

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